Inderprastha Detal College and Hospital
Inderprastha Detal College and Hospital
Inderprastha Detal College and Hospital

BEST PRIVATE DENTAL COLLEGE IN INDIA 2015 - Awarded by Prime Time Media World Record set by Inderprastha Dental College in Free Denture Camp ORTHODONTICS - Best Department in India 2015 by Heal Talk Dr. J.R. Sabharwal, Director, receives Certificate of Appreciation from Dental Council of India

Principal's Message - Dr. Rahul Paul


PrincipalAs the Principal of Inderprastha dental college I am delighted to welcome you to the IPDC a splendid Temple of Learning. The Inderprastha dental college is a leading centre of excellence in oral health care, recognized nationally for graduate training. Our college offers an excellent education for a career in dentistry. Our major emphasis of imparting training is to encourage curiosity and innovativeness among our students and lay a foundation from where they can acquire quick learning ability and adaptively with the fast changing world. The curriculum is forward looking and innovative. It is anticipated that the general practitioner of the future must be able to deliver a wider range of services to a more diverse population than has been the case in the past.

Established in year 2006, under the banner of Kunj Behari Lal Charitable Trust, the institution had many teething problems, but has been progressing steadily and is in the 6th year of its useful existence. Phenomenal developmental changes have taken place with the result it has developed into a premier Institute of Dentistry. Inderprastha Dental College & Hospital is recognized by Dental Council of India and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India and affiliated to CCS University, Meerut, one of the oldest universities in India.

Easily accessible to patients from all corners of the city and neighbouring areas, the patients’ inflow into our hospital is excellent, reaching to about 120 -150 daily in addition to routine appointments. The strategic location and excellent facilities help in attracting our students and patients from all strata of the society. With state-of-the-art equipment, the changing demands of dental services will be adequately met by our facilities. We provide unmatched services in the cause of Dental Education, patient care and community service.

Dentistry offers an arena of opportunities and promises but challenges the best and the brightest minds to learn the science of dentistry and the art of compassionate care. As one of the nation's upcoming premier dental college, Inderprastha Dental College & Hospital is dedicated to advancing Dental care and humane healing through innovative educational methods. The Inderprastha faculty takes pride in its commitment to educating the next generation of scientists, public health practitioners and clinicians. Our faculty comprises of well experienced, talented, renowned and successful teachers and some of them are icons in their respective field who have been imparting up- to-date knowledge and training in good diagnosis and therapeutic facilities, research and academic activities.

Students pursuing the Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry – BDS, are trained in Basic sciences, and are exposed to all 9 specialties of dentistry. This program concludes with a comprehensive overview of Dentistry enabling you to pursue your career as a general dentist.

The college promotes organizations of seminars, workshops & lectures and other activities. The college provides an excellent atmosphere for students and is complimented by a vibrant mix of culture and style. So we shape outstanding career in dental sciences, as the stream of talents will flow from this college to the world.

It has evolved into a beautiful paradise which not only hones the skills of budding professionals but also provides the perfect and ideal environment for anyone who comes to us to quench their thirst of knowledge. With each incoming class we rededicate ourselves to the achievement of these goals. I look forward to you sharing in our success.

Dr. Rahul Paul


About the Principal - Dr. Rahul Paul

The college is growing under the able guidance of a distinguished Professor & a renowned Orthodontist of capital as our principal, Dr. Rahul Paul. His leadership & commitment to the Dental Education combined with 15 year of academic & clinical experience has made him most appropriate for this job.

An alumnus (Graduate and Postgraduate) of prestigious ABSM Institute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore, he was awarded Best Outgoing Orthodontic Student, International College of Dentists, 1999. Best Thesis by Indian Dental Association, 1999, and also the Best Appreciation award, International College of Dentists, 2007.

Dr. Rahul Paul has held many important positions at various Dental colleges in Delhi-NCR during his 15 years of teaching and research experience. He has several research publications in International & National Journals to his credit. He has always tried to make the dental education more simple, interesting & meaningful.

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As a senior dentist he is a member of various National & International associations.

  • Fellow of Pierre Fauchard Academy, U.S.A
  • Fellow of International College of Dentists

Dr. Paul’s experience enables him to guide the faculty to teach dentistry of International standards at Inderprastha Dental College. Continuous improvisations and innovations are made in academic curriculum under his supervision.

His humility, sense of humour, integrity & humanness has made him equally popular both among the colleagues & students. He has a passion for teaching & disseminating knowledge acquired in his clinical practice. Despite his extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of Dental Education he remains as humble and unassuming as an inspiring educator can be. He would do anything for the cause of students & budding dental professionals as they mean the WORLD to him!!!